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IronGear Jailhouse Rail II Humbucker for Stratocaster
The Jailhouse Rail II is a true 4-Wire humbucker in single-coil format. The pickup has been through a complete redesign and redevelopment since the original version. In this incarnation, IronGear have achieved a brilliantly balanced combination of excellent noise rejection, brilliant clarity that retains the essential character of a Strat® pickup, and gutsy output that can really get your tone cooking!
The pickup is supplied with a choice of black, cream, parchment or white covers, but can also be installed with the cover removed if preferred (see pics').
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DC Resistance:
Middle:11kOhm (RW/RP),
Pole Spacing: N/A
Magnet Type:Y30 Ceramic
Coil Wire: 45 AWG enamel
Baseplate: Custom Etched Fibre
Conductors: 4 Conductor
Format: Humbucker for Strat
Technical Specifications
500kOhm Pots, .022µF Tone Capacitor(s)
Recommended Components
Rock and Blues
Dimensions: L: 83 mm, W: 23 mm, H: 24 mm
Supporting Information
Supplied complete with Screws & Springs,
What people are saying about the IronGear JAILHOUSE RAIL II
"I just finished rebuilding an old guitar for a friend with most parts coming from Axetec. It now has a Hammer Head in the bridge and Jailhouse Rail II's in the middle and neck positions. Wow. For the price I wasn't expecting a lot, and originally planned these as a stop gap before getting some Seymour Duncans or DiMarzios. But now, my friend has no plans of getting other pickups. These are amazing pickups. Hit so far above their price range. The Jailhouse Rail II in neck and middle are beautiful and articulate in clean and can be great in low tone or have a nice chime with high tone. No hum or buzz, even on my dirtiest channel there was no buzz or hum. And in high gain are brilliant! Great for lead and you can get a nice drive sound for riffing! The Hammer Head pickup in the bridge is a thing of beauty! Nice and articulate cleans with loads of versatility when playing with the volume and tone. Driven sound is AMAZING! 80's rock style gain is just fantastic, so much definition and full sound. Then in high gain modern metal just melts your face for days! Both me and the friend who's guitar it went in were blown away! GREAT for grunge, rock, hard rock and metal, and the clean is fantastic and versatile as well. IronGear pickups aren't just great pickups for an affordable price, they are just great pickups! 10/10 will be buying more of these!” - Ross Parfitt, Australia (28/11/16)
"Got the Jailhouse Rail II to replace a railed pickup that cost more than twice the price. What a difference, absolutely brilliant and goes well with the Seymour Duncan stacks in middle and neck. I reckon I'll be replacing the Duncan's with Texas Locos in the near future though." - Alistair Reese. St Peter's Broadstairs, Thanet Kent (14/2/17)
irongear_jailhouse_rail_ii_black_78_v02.jpg irongear_jailhouse_rail_ii_parchment_78_v01_text.gif irongear_jailhouse_rail_ii_white_78_v02.jpg irongear_jailhouse_rail_ii_black_78_v02.jpg irongear_jailhouse_rail_ii_parchment_78_v01_text.gif irongear_jailhouse_rail_ii_white_78_v02.jpg irongear_jailhouse_rail_ii_open_78_v02.jpg
Bridge Stock:
Middle Stock:
Neck Stock:
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