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Pictures supplied by our customers of complete guitars and project work.
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Mick Ioannis
Attached a couple of pics of my Strat project.
I bought an alder body and took the neck of an old squire I had laying around.
I bought all the other bits from yourselves.
The Jailhouse pickups are awesome!!
Iíve now got the bug so I will be contacting you soon for all the electrics for a new LP project Iím now working on.
Thanks again
Added: 22/06/12
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James Smyth
My latest project fitted with the "Irongear Texas Loco" pickups I got from you a few weeks ago.
The body is an ASH/WALNUT sandwich. The second tone control is a BLEND control for the bridge and neck p/u's
Added: 03/07/12
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Alex Ferguson
Hello everybody! To refurbish my Epi. LP Custom, I bought parts from Axetec: The supplied parts are high quality: beautifully machined and with a thick lustrous gold plating. Comparing the new roller bridge with the stock Epi., it was obvious that Axetec quality far outstrips the stock items. The supplied knobs are lovely. Easy to grip and with well applied white numbering and the pots are as smooooth as anything. I have a set of Schaller strap locks on my '92 Fender Strat Plus and I can tell you that they are indistinguishable from the 'locks supplied by Axetec.
The sound quality that I'm getting with the Volt pups, way surpasses my expectations. I can't put the bloody thing down !Absolutely killer tones! To say that I'm chuffed is an understatement.
WOW!, what a sound! Fat crunch to zinging highs, crystal clear to mental metal!
Thanks to Keith and Axetec for swift delivery and top quality parts, my sorry looking LP has been transformed for a very reasonable outlay.
Added: 16/3/13
alex_ferguson_img_4708-200.gif alex_ferguson_img_4690-95.gif alex_ferguson_img_4686-95.gif
James Smyth
Hi.This is my new ash body/maple neck Strat using IronGear Jailhouse Rails humbucker at the bridge and Pig Irons mid and neck.this is my fourth project using IronGear pickups.


Regards James
Added: 10/4/13
james_smyth_13_02-200.gif james_smyth_13_01-95.gif james_smyth_13_01-95.gif james_smyth_13-04-26-1-200.gif james_smyth_13-04-26-2-95.gif james_smyth_13-04-26-2-95.gif
James Smyth
Just finished a full refurbish of my trio of Westone Thunder-1 guitars,all where in a pretty bad state,two having the necks replaced. Now all three are fitted with IronGear pickups, the middle guitar with original neck has Hot Slag at bridge and Rolling Mill at neck position, the other two are fitted with Rolling Mill at bridge and neck, all with Axetec chrome metal humbucker surrounds. They now not only look good,but sound superb. Another big cheer for IronGear.

Regards James
Added: 28/7/13
james_smyth_04_200.gif james_smyth_04_95.gif james_smyth_04_95.gif
James Smyth
This is my custom Telecaster project. The body is a hollow walnut and ash sandwich,the neck is maple with an ebony finger board. The best bit is the IronGear Steel Foundry pickups.
As you know I have used these pickups in my past projects,and no matter what woods etc I use,the Steel Foundry pickups makes a Tele sound like a Tele and more.

Regards James
Added: 9/12/13
james_smyth_13-12-09-1-200.gif james_smyth_13-12-09-2-95.gif james_smyth_13-12-09-3-95.gif
Grant McBride
This is my first guitar overhaul. I call her Burla due to the walnut burl that I made that I made replacing all of the plastic stuff like pick guard, control cover and truss rod cover . Burla started life as an Epiphone G400 with a worn brown finish. I used Flitz polish to bring a shine to her. I work for a jewelry manufacturer so i was able to gold plate much of the hardware myself. Here is a list ofI have done, with parts purchased here at Axetec:
IronGear Dirty Torque - Bridge
IronGear Blues Engine - Neck
Gold Axetec Dome Machine Tuners
Copper Screening Tape in Control Cavity and Pickup Pockets
Sprague Orange-Drop Capacitors, 500K Alpha Push-Pull Pots
Gold Telecaster Knobs
Gold Plated Screws
Jimmy Page Wiring
Grant McBride <>
Added: 15/4/14
grant_mcbride_dsc04100-200.gif grant_mcbride_dsc04097-95.gif grant_mcbride_dsc04092-95.gif
Lee Mills
Ive just fitted a set of Volt pickups to my BCRich mockingbird ST.
The first thing I must say great service from Axetec fast hassle free purchase.
I got this guitar a few weeks ago and found the controls not working as they should after opening the cover found it was a right mess.
I have some active EMGs on another guitar and love them so thought I would try the Volt Actives after research.
WOOOO HOOOO spot on these sound GREAT loads of power very responsive and scream pinch harmonics.
Half the price of EMGs and just as good.
Lee Mills []
Added: 30/5/14
lee_mills_closeup-200.gif lee_mills_before-95.gif lee_mills_after-95.gif
James Smyth
Hi. My latest project based on a 69 thin line Tele. I used the IronGear Steel Foundry pickups for bridge and neck for that classic tele sound and boy do they deliver. Once again a huge recommendation for IronGear. Regards James
Added: 25/4/13
Ian Hornby
"Iím not one for recommendations and honestly thought who reads them anyway? Okay so I picked up a very sorry Indie LP guitar from EBay, the electrics had been murdered. A trip to the guitar Doktor, Phil Hartley over in Bolton, and voila itís back. It is pretty damn awesome, (stunning work by Phil aside) through the old Marshall JCM itís the Hot Slag and Rolling Mills that work so well. Iíve created a Zakk Wylde killer for less than £300. Thereís nothing from Mr G or his cousins that sounds as good as this without getting into seriously expensive tackle. Iíve sent the Doktor a second cheap LP copy, this time for another IronGear combo, and Iíve my eye on those Tesla Sharks for another project! They sound so good there is no reason (other than brand snobbery) to pay more for other big name pups, itís as simple as that really." - Ian Hornby, Leyland
Added: 04/06/14
ian_christopher_pict0810-200.jpg ian_christopher_pict0809-95.gif ian_christopher_pict0812-95.jpg
Rab Reid
Thought you might like to see some of the guitars I have fitted your outstanding pickups to. I have made these guitars myself and am more than happy with your products.
Hope you enjoy the pics.

Rab Reid.
Added: 13/06/14
rab_reid_01-200.jpg rab_reid_95.jpg rab_reid_04-95.jpg
Leigh Green
I have attached a photo of a guitar recently completed with your Dirty Torque and Blues Engine set if you would like it for your reviews page.
Specs are
The ∆sir 005 has a bookmatched figured American Ash top on a Sapele body with a Mahogany and Maple neck. Fitted with:
Schaller 456 bridge
Sperzel Trim Lok tuners
IronGear Dirty Torque bridge pickup
IronGear Blues Engine neck pickup
One volume and one tone with 3 way switch
DPDT switch for split, series and parallel options on the bridge pickup.
Played through a variety of Orange and Blackstar amps these pickups are so versatile they are my favourite combination. Even when tapped you can't get much better than this. There really isn't anything not to like!
Added: 20/07/14
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