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Pictures supplied by our customers of complete guitars and project work.
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Glenn Merton
Hi, This is a Tele I put together using Steel Foundry pickups. The body is a two piece ash with a maple neck 12 inch radius. CTS 250 potts 22 cap. The bridge and machine heads are Wilkinson. The guitar plays and sounds fantastic, I would put it up with my USA 52 reissue Tele.
Thanks again for the brill pickups (they even impressed a friend of mine who is a die hard Fender man) regards Glenn Tyne & Wear
Added: 12/01/11
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Peter Mason
Pictures of my new Rolling Mills. I bought this Burns when they first came out but didn't like the factory fitted tremolo as it wasn't accurate to the original, so I bought another BHM Guitar and modified that to be more in keeping with Dr May's "Red Special", including a more accurate trem and bridge (pictured). Now I had two guitars with single coils so I modified this Burns with the electrics from a 1998 Epiphone LP as a fun project. I made a new 3mm acrylic scratch plate to house the Epi PAF's, and a little routing on the guitar was needed, I also used a LP type control layout for my controls too, more recently I decided the old Epi PAF's had to go. This new layout is totally interchangeable with the old Burns as all the fixing holes line up and by un/re soldering the jack plug wires I can revert back to "as was" in minutes.
I call this guitar my "Red Lester" as an affectionate nod to Brian May and Mr Les Paul himself.
Added: 05/04/11
peter_mason_03_200.gif peter_mason_02_95.gif peter_mason_01_95.gif
Paul Waring
I thought you might like these photos of a custom guitar we did with two Jailhouse Rails and a Pig Iron.
The Rails sounded great on their own, I tapped them in positions 2 & 4 which gave me fabulous Strat "quack".
We (at the shop) have been making our own custom guitars. We take a good budget guitar e.g. A Chord Stratocaster change the pickups, upgrade the hardware and give them a thorough set-up. I have been using your pickups on these guitars and from now on will be using your machine heads.
Wishing you continued success.
Paul Waring, George's Music Store
Added: 17/09/11
paul_waring_01-200.jpg paul_waring_02-95.jpg paul_waring_02-95.jpg
Dan Crisp
This was a Nevada Strat in a slightly sorry state when I got it – but good an’ heavy, with a rich looking trans finish. I perked her up with an Axetec HH scratchplate, toggle switch, nut, gold string trees and a pair of IronGear Hot Slags. She came out looking real nice: better than my ability to capture on film.
“The best Strat copy I’ve ever seen” – a Stratophile.
She has a unique “split personality”: I modified the 5-way blade switch to configure the pickups in any combination of humbucker and single coil. So you can set her up as an HH, SH, SS, HS or HH guitar (again). Then the 3-way toggle flicks between the pre-configured pickups in the usual way.
Added: 30/09/11
dan_crisp_schizocaster_2-200.gif dan_crisp_schizocaster_3-95.gif dan_crisp_schizocaster_5-95.gif
Richard Crate
Heres some pictures of a stratocaster project I have just completed. The idea was to try and recreate the look of Dave Gilmours 'Blackstrat'. I started off with a Squier strat and removed everything except the bridge. I then put on a nice new neck and a set of IronGear Pig Irons on a new scratchplate and wiring kit also supplied by yourself.

The guitar includes a switch for adding the neck pickup to the bridge or bridge/middle pickup as well as a phase switch on the middle.

Im really happy with the result and especially the sound from the pickups which are a massive improvement on the stock Squiers.
Added: 11/11/11
richard_crate_blackstrat02_200.gif richard_crate_blackstrat03_95.gif richard_crate_blackstrat01-95.gif
John Roy
Ash body, maple neck and rose wood fingerboard. Based around 60's strat plans. The brand name is the daughters dog.
The wiring is the 'mr page' kit, pickups are the dirty torque and blues engine. This combination gave me very convincing
SRV strat to buckethead les paul sounds and very varied clean tones, the only sound you cant achieve with this guitar is
middle pickup stuff for obvious reasons. Many thanks to axetec for prompt and flawless service.
Added: 16/3/12
john_roy_01-200.gif john_roy_02-95.gif john_roy_03-95.gif
Jethro Lehane
My Les Paul copy guitar for my Technology A Level which, in whole, took 5 months to build. This was my first build and all made at school. Complete with Mahogany body and neck, bookmatched Maple top and ebony fretboard. With Bareknuckle humbuckers I used Axetec's Les Paul wiring kit and push-push pot to coil-tap my neck pickup between single coil and humbucker. I'm really happy with the outcome, hopefully I'll get the chance to build again. Excellent service and all the components were of a high standard!
Added: 10/05/12
jethro_lehane_dsc_0011-200.gif jethro_lehane_dsc_0002-95.gif jethro_lehane_dsc_0007-95.gif
James Smyth
Hi. My Les Paul project fitted with the IronGear Blues Engine pickups I purchased from you a few weeks ago.
It has an all mahogany body and neck, cts pots and a schaller 455 bridge.The sound is amazing.
Added: 15/05/12
james_smyth-dsc03740-200.gif james_smyth-dsc03738-95.gif
Matt Lee
Here's My Tele Build I did which has your "Steel Foundry" Pickups in it (They Sound Brilliant by the way) Alder Body with Maple Neck and 4 way switch (Bridge/Bridge and Neck In parallel/Neck/ Bridge and Neck in Series) Really happy with The Pickups and I will be suggesting them to any customers I have.
Added: 22/06/12
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