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Pictures supplied by our customers of complete guitars and project work.
Quatermass: She’s my “street sleeper”.
This guitar started life as a standard Squier Tele, but I wasn’t keen on the sound. I thought the original body was too light, so I hunted around until I got my hands on an unfinished alder body blank.
When I put it all together, it was better – but still not “right”. Changing the bridge from a top-loader and stringing through the body helped a little. Then I decided to look for some hot pickups.
Hearing the soundclips on the Axetec site, combined with the fantastic price, helped me make up my mind and two nights later she was powered by IronGear Steel Twins.
This is the guitar I dig out when I want to shock my friends. She looks bog-standard – but the sound is out of this world. Definitely more than meets the eye.
The track “Not dead yet” shows what she can do when teamed up with my old Orange bass amp ;-)
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John Burton
I thought I would try and build myself a quality guitar (and) re-built a 25-year-old strat copy as a practise run. The body is the only original part, and has undergone a fair bit of modification (half inch radius rounding, ash infill of tremolo/bridge cavities). The body shape is very slightly
non-standard, so I made the custom scratch plate using sycamore veneer on 2mm MDF. All my hardware was purchased from Axetec.

(The) pickups sound really good (strat-like), and they
are extremely responsive to different playing styles. I made many mistakes during my build, but my choice of IronGear pickups was one of my best decisions. I hope the experience will serve me well when I get to the pointy super strat.
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Added: 3/06/09
Added: 17/08/09
Added: 02/11/09
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Terry Robinson
I have attached some photos of a guitar I built for my guitar tutor. I am a mature student at 55 a little bit of a late starter. I am a much better engineer than a musician lol.
This was the second one I made, when the tutor saw the first he wanted to buy it but I decided to keep it and make this much better one. It uses a Blues Engine pickup, as you can see in the neck position, also your gold bridge, strap buttons, and electrics.
It sounds great and attracts a lot of attention.
Added: 14/08/10
terry_robinson_no_6_200.gif terry_robinson_no_7_95.gif
Mason Crisp
This VS6 was my first guitar, but got neglected when I went through a metal phase. Dad revamped it just for fun, to give it a progressive vibe. It was good stock, but it’s great now: a new character to inspire new writing/playing.
The bridge is an Alchemist 90: my first “P90”. The neck is a black Rolling Mill with nickel pole-pieces and a series/parallel push-pull tone pot. Conventional wisdom has them the other way round, but if a P90 bridge is good enough for Messrs Oldfield, Howe and West, it’s good enough for me. Bright bridge, warm neck: very versatile, 3 good positions. (Radically different heights to equalize the volume levels though.)The original knobs are too tapered to pull up: we used large and small just to be different. Great guitar thanks to Axetec? Hell yeah!
Added: 30/08/10
guitar_parts_uk102015.gif mason_crisp_vs6-2_95.gif mason_crisp_vs6-1_95.gif
Simon Burrows
The 'Frank'n'Stien" started life as a poor, no, woeful Squier Affinity Strat. I bought it because the neck was straight and I thought I could tart it up and sell it for a profit.
However, I found myself without any music, on a family holiday, and salvation came in the form of a copy of Van Halen's "Best Of Both Worlds" CD. That got me thinking! Pretty soon I had quite a nice little single pick-up "super Strat". I came across your website and ordered a "Hot Slag".What a transformation!
The paint job is a first class custom nitro job), and what a guitar! It's my #1 gigging axe. The action is very low and the tone pure class of '78. Like I said £130. I can't explain it. It just hangs together 'right'.
Added: 12/10/10
simon_burrows_001_200.jpg simon_burrows_001_95.jpg
Terry Robinson
A few pics of my latest build to put in the gallery. As you can see I have fitted a pair of Jailhouse rails and your pots,cap and treble compensation circuit. It sounds great, hope you like it.
Added: 12/10/10
guitar_parts_uk102008.jpg terry_robinson_new66_002_95.jpg terry_robinson_new66_004_95.jpg
Paul Hudson
Tom Ashman
Les Paul- I've changed the pickups and some features in my Epi' Les Paul Custom using exclusively Axetec products. It has a Blues Engine neck and Dirty Torque bridge and both are a huge improvement on the fuzzy, noisy epiphone stock p-ups, and help to give a more creamy Gary Moore/Thin lizzy tone. I would strongly recommend Axetec products especially the IronGear pick-up range.

Strat- I bought this bullet strat for next to nothing and decided to do it up.I got a set of Pig Irons and they are absolutely phnomenal for the price. I set them into the red tortoise shell scratchplate and added some cream coloured accesories (tone knobs) etc to give it a 50's rock n roll kind of feel. I plan to put a new maple neck on it as the current fretboard is a bit scratchy.
Added: 11/01/11
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