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What people are saying about the IronGear ROLLING MILL 2 Mini-Humbucker
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"I had recently bought a *elecaster style body & parts as a "project" guitar. I have already got a Mexican Tele with the std pickup arrangement so I wanted to do something different. I finally settled on a Rolling Mill 2 in the neck position & an overwound Rolling Mill at the bridge. I have wired these so they can both be coil split and also have a series/parallel option when split. The pickups arrived (as usual) quickly and well packaged. I had been a little concerned that the bridge pickup being such a relatively high output might lose some clarity – far from it, it still has plenty of bite and is wonderfully clear - when you want it to be, but can really give some fantastic overdriven sounds but still with great tone. The neck pickup is also great – again wonderfully clear and not woolly which so many neck pickups can be. But the biggest revelation is when you split the coils, I have had a guitar with coil splits on before but never really used it because the sound was so thin, not so with these babies both sound like genuine single coils with great tone – alright, the bridge pickup isn't going to worry a real Tele pickup, but that’s not a bad thing as sometimes a Tele bridge pickup can be a bit too much !!! A work colleague of mine (who has a LP copy with Rolling Mills) commented that he was amazed at the tonal range I had got from two pickups. Great pickups amazing value – who needs *eymour *uncans !!!!!! I would recommend them to anybody." - John Wilkinson, Hull
"Thank you for getting the Rolling Mill 2s to me so quickly. I installed them in the Firebird on Thursday night and used them in anger last night at a large function. They made an immediate impression; clarity, warmth and power, just what I wanted! Previously, with the stock pickups, the volume and tone controls had little effect without introducing mud, now they work beautifully and give me a very broad range of sounds particularly in the middle position. The bridge pickup alone really rocks whereas before it was just about unusable. As you promised no microphonics at all just a vast improvement all round. These pickups really suit the Firebird and are light years ahead of the stock Gibson units, a credit to their designer and at the price an absolute bargain. I'll definitely come back to you in the future." – Mike, West Lothian
"(My) sorry old Tokai FB45 that was in a terrible state - paint scratched to buggery, knackered microphonic pickups, scratchy electrics, loose machine heads and missing knobs. Cleaned it up, tusq nut, copper shielding and new Iron Gear Rolling Mill 2 pickups. The pickups are really top quality (including the packaging & delivery materials) - I've just had the Firebird on a test run (cranked through an AC30) whilst the house was empty - It made a scarecrow in the opposite field turn around and shout 'Johnny Winter' - mystic! Fantastic guitar now. Mid position is that swampy (but not muddy) Chuck Berry sound that Chuck gets on 'Maybelline' - bridge pickup is like the bastard son of Roy Buchanan & Steve Jones, on drugs." – Nick, Tadcaster
"Had installed by my tech here in Essex a Rolling Mill 2 into my Epiphone Nighthawk neck position. My tech commented that it helped transform the sound of the guitar and he's right. It's a fantastic pickup. It drives and cleans up well and the four conductor set up allowed me to keep all the coil splitting options that exist on my Nighthawk. I also loved that a version with adjustable pole pieces was available. It really adds to the look of my guitar. I have no hesitation in recommending IronGear. I'll be upgrading the pickups of another guitar with them soon. Cheers." - Tim, Essex
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From £24.95 inc' VAT
IronGear Rolling MIll 2 Modern Mini-Humbucker
After the success of the Rolling Mill, IronGear were often asked for a mini-bucker version. The Rolling Mill 2 sets out to a the RM's slightly hotter little brother. It has a really nice top end and a surprising amount of pokeyness. Essential for those classic LP Deluxe tones, but also fantastic in the neck position in a Tele! Many customers have also used it in Firebird models with great success. The Rolling Mill 2 is available in chrome, with plain covers or adjustable pole-pieces.
Technical Specifications
500kOhm Pots, .022΅F Tone Capacitor(s)
Recommended Components
Classic Rock, Punk, Fusion. Garage and more!
Dimensions: L: 68 mm, W: 28 mm, H: 18.5 mm
Supporting Information
Supplied complete with Screws & Springs,
DC Resistance:
Pole Spacing:
Bridge:52mm, Neck:50mm
Magnet Type: Alnico V
Coil Wire: 44 AWG enamel
Baseplate: Nickel Silver
Conductors: 4 Conductor
Format: Mini-Humbucker
irongear_rolling_mill-2_chrome-plain_pair_78_v01.jpg irongear_rolling_mill-2_chrome-plain_pair_78_v01.jpg irongear_rolling_mill-2_chrome-plain_pair_78_v01.jpg irongear_rolling_mill-2_chrome-adj_pair_78_v01.jpg irongear_rolling_mill-2_chrome-adj_pair_78_v01.jpg irongear_rolling_mill-2_chrome-adj_pair_78_v01.jpg irongear_rolling_mill-2_chrome-adj_pair_78_v01.jpg
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