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Pictures supplied by our customers of complete guitars and project work.
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This is/was my first build, completed under the brilliant tuition of Mark Bailey (see details of Mark's course and more pics on my blog). It has a solid ash body, maple neck and ebony fingerboard. The pickups are Iron Gear Hot Slags - a name that everyone seems to remember! Both are coil-tapped through push/pull vol controls to give a good range of sounds. This guitar produces quite a "raw" sound with plenty of power and detail. In single-coil mode, the sound is almost Tele-ish, very sharp with great attack, coupled with long sustain. So this one will do most rock sounds, but don't expect anything too jazzy!
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Guy Detilloux
At the early beginning (I was 15 in 1962) my father refuse to pay my first 6 strings … but he accept I do it by myself … he is also a good mechanics. She was made with ordinary wood and material … a really poor guitar, but she’s like my first girl … never forgot. This year, during the rainy winter I begin to draw a new AutoCAD project and step by step I realize all the mechanical defects of the second guitar … And I decide to build a new one. I buy the Maple in Holland, the Ebony and the Zebra-coils in France, the bridge in England (to you Keith), the Machine-heads and the Strings at the corner of my Belgian street … a really European guitar : A little bit heavy but with a super long sustain ! When I’m 64 … perhaps a third one ?
guitar_parts_uk090035.gif guy_detilloux_-_guitare_2008__184__95.gif guy_detilloux_-_ma_guitare_2008__10__95.gif
This is my second build project. For this one, I wanted something that would give me a range of sounds, but all of them "rocky". It's a mahogany body and (set) neck, with Amazique top and ebony fingerboard. Pickups are 2 Jailhouse Rails and a Platinum 90. The Jailhouse Rails are both coil-tapped via a push-pull tone pot. Standard 5-way selector switch. The guitar weighs in at 9lbs! This is a heavy guitar, and the Jailhouse Rails give it a really powerful strong sound. Plenty of clarity, but there's no mistaking that it's a rock guitar. Even in single-coil mode, the sound is still a long way from a Strat-twang. The P90 adds another set of sounds, mid way between the two modes of the Jailhouse Rails with plenty of cut-through bite, but still plenty of substance and body to the sound.
guitar_parts_uk090032.gif tony_vince_-img_1869_95.gif tony_vince_-img_1874_95.gif
Paul Hudson
Paul Hudson used to be a professional sound engineer and session bass guitarist. He’s currently learning to play (and more recently, build) six strings. Dragondreams is the name of Paul's project studio.

Project 3 – Dragondreams DD2. Axetec parts:IronGear Steam Hammer pickups,Speed knobs
4 x 2 machineheads, Graphite nut, Switched 500K pots, Mono jack socket, T-style jack plate, Scratchplate screws, Strap, buttons and felts, Neck screws, String trees

The sustain is awesome. If I needed longer sustain, I'd have to take up playing the organ! The Steam Hammers compliment the heavy body perfectly, in both single and twin-coil mode. It's a joy to play.
guitar_parts_uk090029.gif paul_hudson_02_95.gif paul_hudson_02_95.gif
Nick Brown
This was a sorry old Tokai FB45 that was in a terrible state - paint scratched to buggery, knackered microphonic pickups, scatchy electrics, loose machine heads and missing knobs.
Cleaned it up, tusq nut, copper shielding and new Iron Gear Rolling Mill 2 pickups. The pickups are really top quality (including the packaging & delivery materials) - I've just had the Firebird on a test run (cranked through an AC30) whilst the house was empty - It made a scarecrow in the opposite field turn around and shout 'Johnny Winter' - mystic!
 Fantastic guitar now. Mid position is that swampy (but not muddy) Chuck Berry sound that Chuck gets on 'Maybelline' - bridge pickup is like the bastard son of Roy Buchanan & Steve Jones, on drugs.
guitar_parts_uk090027.gif nick_brown_-_image2_95.gif nick_brown_-_image3_95.gif
Added: 24/6/08
Ian Chadwick
This is the second guitar i've built. The first was on Mark Bailey's excellent BYOG course which inspired me to have a go at home. The body is Walnut with a maple neck and birds eye maple fingerboard. The machines are Schaller locking with staggered posts and the vibrato is a Wilkinson V50. I put a couple of cheap humbuckers on when I first completed it and it sounded awful. Hunting around for pickups is a minefield. There's plent of people willing to sell you pickups at very high prices but can you hear them before you buy? Then I found Irongears site, listened to the sound clips, liked what I heard, ordered two Rolling Mills on Sunday and had them in the guitar by Tuesday lunchtime. The guitar now sounds tremendous. The Rolling Mills sound fat and soulful with just the right amount of bite.
guitar_parts_uk090024.gif ian_chadwick_-_img_3956_95.gif ian_chadwick_-_img_3958_95.gif
Added: 26/06/08
Richard Marjerison
Hello Keith,

I thought you might like to see what I did with those two Hot Slags you sent me on Thursday "ooh err".
This was a very old and extremely sad sunburst les Paul that would squeal if you so much as took it near an amp.

Two days later, sand paper, solder and two hot slags - it`s now my main gig guitar.

I will be having some more when the time comes.

Thanks Richard.
guitar_parts_uk090022.gif richard_marjerison_hot_sl_018_95.gif richard_marjerison_hot_sl_027_95.gif
Added: 28/08/08
Gavin Swadel
I have been building & refurbishing guitars for a few years now,concentrating mainly on Strats & Teles
going for old school finishes & using mainly genuine parts.

Axetec have been invaluable in supplying components
quickly & competitively priced.

Rock on !!
guitar_parts_uk090019.gif gavin_swadel_completed_sea_foam_green_95.gif gavin_swadel_emg_car_95.gif
Added: 29/08/08
Graeme Matthews
I've been missing having a Strat for a while, there's something about that sound!! I've had a couple of American Strats and loved the sound but hated the radius of the frets, so I decided to put one together myself.
I picked up an Allparts maple neck (20" radius) off Ebay with locking Klugsons for £35 (steal) and a poplar maple drop top body from the States for £40.
I re-finished the neck in matt nitro (logo courtesy of "Decal Joe") and the body in clear nitro. The set-up is spot on with 1.14mm at the 12th top E. Everything you see apart from the neck, body and tuners is sourced from Axetec and it sounds absolutely jaw droppingly brilliant. I'd put this guitar up against any passive Strat, I just can't believe these pups.
guitar_parts_uk090016.gif graeme_matthews_strat_006_95.gif graeme_matthews_strat_005_95.gif
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Added: 10/09/08
Chris Guy
I purchased various pieces of hardware from axetec ,Bridge,tuners,control knobs,jimmy page wiring kit and a pair of Irongear Rolling Mill pickups. Firstly I`d like to complement you on the quality of the equipment and secondly on the first rate service you gave. The guitars finally first,and I`m really happy with it, there`s some things I`d like to have done better in hindsight but bearing in mind it was built in my shed with limited tools i don`t think it turned out bad,I made everything from scratch except the body which was a basically shaped blank which i extensively modified.I have to say the pickups are excellent great tone and superb value for money,reinforces my opinion of a lot of overpriced stuff! Thanks again, (if I make another I`ll buy from you again.
guitar_parts_uk090012.jpg chris_guy_009_95.jpg chris_guy_008_95.jpg
Added: 13/10/08
Simon Davidson
For my A2 Product design course I undertook a project to make myself an electric guitar, I have to admit it now, I actually accidentally stumbled across axetec. but the result was better than I could ever have dreamt, it must have knocked my cost in half! but I find the sound from the rolling mill pair is flawless now that I have shielded the electrics, although there was not much ground (hum) anyway. the guitar was made almost 100% in school and I only had to get the teacher to help when i had to use the band-saw as I am too young to use them in school, I'm 17.

p.s. the woods are, (from the outside) Bubinga, Birdseye Maple, Amazaque, Zebrano, Rosewood, and the same in the other direction
guitar_parts_uk090010.gif simon_davidson_s6300492_95.gif simon_davidson_s6300496_95.gif
Added: 01/11/08
Chris Guy
(This) was a custom Tokai neck and a nice tele body that caught my eye couldn't resist putting them together so it was more an assembly than raw build.I purchased the steel twin pickups from Axetec and fitted a quad overdrive instead of a tone control, sounds great still trying to figure out best way of using it though. It very much in the classic style nothing out of the ordinary but i really like it,its got an indestructible feel about it.
guitar_parts_uk090007.gif chris_guy_dsc00043_95.gif chris_guy_dsc00041-95.gif
Added: 13/03/09
guitar_parts_uk090004.gif adam_mccausland_gtr4_95.gif adam_mccausland_gtr2_95.gif
Adam McCausland
After coming back from a year in New Zealand (a trip funded by the selling of my old gear) i hadn't much to my name gear-wise. My girlfriend had an old Vantage vp7 lying around the house gathering dust. So i decided instead of buying a new guitar, which i couldn't afford anyway, i'd refurbish this one. It had a decent body and i'd always quite liked the shape. So i removed all the old rusted parts, sanded down the body and stained it with a couple of layers of wood dye. After that i applied a couple of layers of matt varnish. Then i fashioned a custom pick guard, loosely based on pickguard from a Gibson SG. I then installed all the wiring & some IronGear Hot Slag pickups and by some miracle it actually works! Everything bar the bridge and machineheads came directly from Axetec. She now snarls like a beast!"
Added: 14/03/09
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